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Modern, elegant and functional at the same time. Our offices are equipped with double glazing, heating and A/C, and have the latest technology for computers and internet.


The staff at Globus Network Center is multilingual and highly qualified for administrative and secretarial tasks. We having experience in commercial tasks such as mailing and telemarketing, and we can keep your agenda, arrange interviews, receive visitors, make hotel reservations, restaurant reservations et.


With multiple-line digital telephone exchanges we guarantee and excellent specialized attention for each and every line. With a computer connected to the “cloud” independent phone number you can get a variety of services software developed just for your specific needs.

Divert calls

Telephone calls can be diverted on request or our staff can answer with a personalized response.
Business address service.

Other company services

As well as photocopying machines, computers, color printers, etc. we have two meeting rooms (capacity 10 and 20 people) with high standing image, for press conferences, products presentations, sales meetings, client meetings, etc.

Service quick reference

We also offer fiscal, legal, labor, company founding, human resources, computer and accounting consultancies.

Computer and Internet services

Each office offers the best, most modern and fasted equipment for internet, computers and email for our clients.

Temporary services

For professionals we also organize airport pick-ups, tourist guides, hotel bookings and public relations events, courier services, etc.
In a short time, we can solve every kind of problem a company might have without the need of capital investment in equipment, personnel, and fixed costs, and you only pay for what you use.

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