8 advantages of working in a Globus Network Center office

Eliminate Capital Investment

The most up to date equipment on the market at your entire disposal already installed and ready to use.

Reduction of fixed costs

Saving in: Paychecks, electricity, water, community expenses, cleaning, furniture, equipment, social security, insurance, taxes, etc.

Always working

Even though you are not at your office, your clients will always be taken care of according to your instructions.

Flexible office size

You can increase or reduce the size of your office according to your company’s needs at any time, without the inconvenience of extra moving costs and traumatic removals.

An organization at your service

You can relax and concentrate totally on your business, knowing that you have the support of a team of software and computer specialists that will be at your service when you need the most.

Easy and fast

Your company can be up and working in a day, without having to look for office space, installing computer cables, selecting personnel, buying furniture and equipment, seeking opening licenses, new telephone lines, water and electricity contracts, cleaning services, finding local painters, electricians, etc. At Globus Network Center you can concentrate on your main interest: your company.


Our office will be situated in one of the most prestigious areas of Barcelona, decorated with all the luxury and detail akin to the highest standards, so that you can give the best image to your clients. We are right beside a commercial center that has all the necessary services such as parking, banks, restaurants, etc.

Total flexibility

You choose the services you want, how you want them and for how long. If you need anything special, the Globus Network Center team will get to work so you have it as quickly as possible, helping you save time and making your work easier. YOU PAY ONLY FOR WHAT YOU USE.

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